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Writers' Showcase

by Igor Kluev

It was a hot summer day in Moscow. I left a window in the sitting room of my apartment open,when I went to the nearest shop to buy groceries. When I came back, I saw a small parrot situated in the middle of the curtain.

The situation was clear. That parrot was on its own quest for ", liberty and the pursuit of happiness… ” And for that reason, parrot left its home where he lived in one of the surrounding buildings. Apparently, the parrot was scared by noise on the street, and it flew through the open window to my room.

Next day, I didn't want to evict the parrot from my room. Before going to work, I left the window open. I gave to the parrot a chance to do choose to leave my apartment and to find a new place to live or to stay with me.

When I came back from my work, the parrot was still sitting in my living room.
Parrot turned its head aside, looked at me with its one eye and suddenly said,"Hi"
What could I do? I answered the parrot,"Hi"
The parrot said,"Doll".
I wanted to be with the parrot on the same page, and answered,"Girl".
The parrot said,"Sveta"
I said my name,"Igor"
The parrot said,"Ice cream"
I answered, "Cold beer"
The parrot said,"I don't like porridge"
I answered,"Me too"

I decided to give a name to my parrot. I found a small white mark on its forehead, and that mark looked like a star,and I named it Sky Walker.

It looked like Sky Walker liked that name, and it said to me,"Disney". To show Sky Walker my advanced knowledge of the subject I said,"Disney was a Producer".

Next day I found a poster on the entrance to our building. A girl of six years old begged everybody to return her parrot Gosha. There was a photo of Gosha on the poster. Without any doubts Sky Walker was in that photo. I realized that the real name of Sky Walker was Gosha. I called the phone number from the poster. The girl, whose name was Sveta, came with her parents. They brought a cage for Gosha. Sveta opened a door of the cage, and Gosha without any hesitation flew in. That was its home.

Two days later, they invited me to celebrate the lucky ending to Gosha's journey. There was tea and cake. Sveta was completely happy. She spoke to Gosha.
She said,"Doll"
Gosha answered,"Doll"
Then Gosha continued,"Sveta, ice cream, I don't like porridge", "Disney”

I realized that, when Gosha spoke to me, Gosha simply repeated words learned from Sveta. I was frustrated. I went to cage and looked at Gosha. Gosha looked at me with its one eye, and after long hesitation suddenly said,"Disney was a Producer".
Gosha learned and remembered my words as well. We were still friends. I was happy again.