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Writers' Showcase

by Igor Kluev

Several years ago I lived in the suburbs of Philadelphia.One day in the morning I found my the airbag from the steering wheel of the car stolen.

A police officer after checking damage on my car said that I was very lucky. I said ,” Do you mean I have chances to return my airbag?”

The officer smiled gently, as if I was a child. He said ,”Of course not, but this thief was a stupid one. He didn’t wear a mask. Security camera in front your apartment was working and we got his photo, and it will be in our record.”

I said, ”What should I do?”

He answered, “Go,and buy a new airbag”.

I was furious. I went to speak about this matter with my neighbor from the apartment next to mine. We decided to be strong. He was completely supportive, although he didn’t have his own car. Also, two old ladies from our building quickly joined us,as soon as they heard it would be like a protection wall around our apartment building. They also didn’t own any car, but the word “Wall” was magic for them. We decided to establish Our Security Car Squad or in short OSCARS. We published a post on Facebook. On the post was one word «CARS», encircled by a ring of fire,my phone number,and hashtag «OSCARS»

Next day I got a phone call from a local newspaper. They asked me when we were planning to start shooting. I answered that we were planning to shoot nobody. We only want to keep potential thieves far away from our cars. 

Next day one caller asked if there was some relation to a “ring of fire” on my post to “Catching Fire”. I answered yes, of course. Everybody who would make an attempt break in our cars would feel himself like he would be burned in flames.

Then I got a call from a local businessman. I was asked about a red carpet. That businessman said that he could provide illuminations for “OSCARS”. I answered that we agreed. 

In a week we have an ocean of lights on our street. People started gathering around our parking lot.Police urge people to stay calm.Suddenly, a police officer quickly moved towards one young person, and apprehended him. Then he put him in the police car.

Next day I got a call from our police precinct. In the precinct a detective said that they had great news for me. The person ,who was apprehended yesterday,was that thief. They searched his apartment, and found my airbag there. 

That was amazing. Our  “OSCARS” was really very effective. After my returning in our apartment building I was told that somebody called me from Hollywood,and they want to discuss matters with me.

I was proud of myself. That was apparently that in Hollywood they had the same problems with car safety, and they started thinking seriously about OSCARS. We went national!