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Writers' Showcase

Negative Book Jacket Blurbs
by R.D. Ronstad

“I found it literally impossible to put this book down. Of course, that may have been because it was full of hot air.”

“If I could have one book with me on a desert island, this would be the one—because I’d have no scruples about using it to start a signal fire.”

"So brutally honest, it made me want to file charges against it.”

“This book helped brighten my day. It was long enough that I was able to step up on it to change a light bulb.”

"Better than counting sheep!"

“If you can‘t afford to buy this book, go out and steal it from your local library. Please!"

“Make sure you read this book from cover to cover—skip everything in between.”

“If only this book had been a lot longer, I could have left more of it unread.”

“This is the kind of book you put down and say: “I wish I could have rewritten that."

"Move over Snoopy!"