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Writers' Showcase

Movies I'd Rather See Than AVP; Alien vs. Predator
by R.D. Ronstad

Animal House vs. Big Momma’s House
Indiana Jones vs. Nevada Smith
2001 vs. 1941
Lord of the Rings vs. Sticky Fingers
Double Feature: Joe vs. the Flying Saucers; Earth vs. the Volcano 
Dennis the Menace vs. The Phantom Menace
Inspector Clouseau vs. The Brave Little Toaster
The Piano vs. The Piano Teacher
Thirteen Ghosts vs. Twelve Monkeys
Hair vs. Hairspray
Beaver Cleaver vs. A Clever Beaver (Mr. Beaver from Narnia?) 
Iron Man vs. Three Days of Rain
The Invisible Man vs. The Man Who Wasn't There
Royal Mumble: The Letters of the Alphabet vs. Each Other*

*Yes, every letter of the English alphabet has had a movie (or at least short film) named after it