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I May Not Talk To A Lot Of Girls But Me Holding The Door For Them Is Going To Lead Somewhere
by Brendan Smith

Listen, I'm not to best when it comes to approaching women. I don't usually talk to them or flirt and I never really make a move. But there's not one person on this campus who holds the door for them as much as I do.

There's no more chivalrous act than waiting a couple seconds while you hold that door open and when I do it, I can see in their eyes that they want me. Sure, some may go after the athletic or the smart or the funny types but there's going to be someday down the road where they have to open their own door, that's the moment when they long for more.

Have any of the girls I've held the door for actually slept with me yet? No. But it's a long game and its going to pay off. I'm confident. I can imagine it now, all the girls talking about the guys they like. Then one says "You the type of guy I really want inside me? Someone who takes care of all my door opening needs". Then all the girls start talking about times guys held doors for them and they'll realize that I'm the best at in the entire college.

When you hold a door for a girl, you're sending a message that you'll take care of her. And by walking through said door, she's tell you that she understands. So when I get home from break and my friends ask me if there's any girl I'm likely to end up with, I'm going to tell them flat out. I haven't talked to any girls, I look away when they pass by and the idea of flirting terrifies me. But there was one girl who walked behind me and I held about 5 different doors open for her. So you do the math.