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Feed the Birds (but Proceed with Caution)
by Alex Andy Phuong

To Kill a Mockingbird has made a lasting impact on the literary world ever since its initial publication in 1960.  Within the Oscar-winning film adaptation released in 1962, Atticus Finch warned Scout about not killing mockingbirds.  One has to wonder, though, should Scout have taken her father's advice?

Let's see...

Alfred Hitchcock released a film entitled The Birds in 1963 in which psychotic birds killed people because Tippi Hedren was a blonde woman oftentimes blamed for the terror that is central to the film's plot based on a short story by Daphne du Maurier.

And then the following year...

Walt Disney cast Jane Darwell as a "bird woman" while Julie Andrews sang a somber lullaby entitled "Feed the Birds" in a Mary Poppins film adaptation that appalled its author, P.L. Travers.

"Feed the Birds"...if you dare!