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Writers' Showcase

Emma Stone Watson
by Alex Andy Phuong

Emma Watson might be one of the hottest actresses working in the entertainment business today, but some might not know that she has a secret relative named "Emma Stone Watson."  This particular Emma is very interesting because of how her name relates to a lot of famous characters and real-world figures.  For example, she always dressed up as Emma Woodhouse because that is her favorite Jane Austen heroine.  However, her favorite novel of all time is Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert.  She would also dye her hair red sometimes, and would sometimes go blonde, just like the Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone.  Emma Stone Watson actually lives a simple and ordinary life, and she would never meddle into the lives of others.  Instead, she is a plain Jane muggle, while Emma Watson continues to take Hollywood by storm.  Cheers to these "Little Women"!