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E-mail to Real Estate Mogul Tom Murphy
by William Kitcher

To: T. Murphy – Fionn’s Real Estate Corporation 
Cc: B. Greenizan – Acquisitions Regulatory Commission 
Subject: Hotel/Inn acquisition
Dear Tom,
It looks like we won’t be able to close as expected on December 25 on that hotel/inn in Bethlehem. It’s their busy season so they don’t have any time for negotiations. In fact, they’re so busy that they’re completely full up with guests, and some crazy couple from out of town want to stay there but there’s no room. The management told this couple that there’s no place to stay but they’re insisting on it, so they’re finding a place for them in the parking lot with all the sheep and cows. The crazy lady said she was impregnated by Jehovah so you know they’re kind of weird.
We figured out what that awful smell was. 3 travelling salesmen (calling themselves Wise Guys or something like that), stopped by and left some presents for the aforementioned pregnant couple. One of them left incense, one of them left myrrh (which is apparently used in embalming so I don’t know why that’s a gift for a baby) so those were the causes of that awful smell. Fortunately, the other Wise Guy left gold so that’ll help the inn management in case this couple decide to skip out on their bill.
The delay is also because, following December 25, the inn is having some kind of festival – lots of drummers, pipers, dancers, leaping lords, etc. And there’s some kind of cow milking competition with the local maids. They’ll also have swans, geese, calling birds, French hens, turtle doves, and partridges so the festivities will be lively and no doubt even more smelly.
So maybe we’ll be able to close the deal by Easter. I’ll be in Calvary that weekend in case you want together then to finalize everything.