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Writers' Showcase

Eagle Eyes
by Alex Andy Phuong

This is a comedic superhero story.  The leading man is named, "Eagle Eyes" because he has the vision capabilities of an eagle thanks to his enhanced occipital lobe.  He uses his vision to save the world thanks to his atypical brain.

In one of his adventures, he had to defeat a crazy teenager named Johanna.  She was an unusual girl because of her obsession with pandas and world domination.  On Christmas Eve, she had the idea of stealing Santa Claus's sleigh, and using Rudolph's bright and shiny red nose to contact aliens from Mars.  Her plan was to have martians destroy the world except leaving her beloved pandas roam the Earth with Johanna as the Queen of the World.

It was very late during Christmas Eve, and Johanna did her best to fulfill her plan.  However, Eagle Eyes could see Johanna attempting to complete her scheme, so he flew while focusing his eyes on Rudolph's nose.  Luckily, he had an iPhone with a flashlight in his pocket, and he shined the light in Johanna's eyes in a symbolic way of light defeating darkness.

Johanna then lost balance, fell off of Santa's sleigh, and landed in a bamboo forest.  She loved the pandas around her, but her beloved animals crushed Johanna to death by taking turns sitting on her.

And then Eagle Eyes enjoyed watching It's a Wonderful Life the following morning, and had a very merry Christmas knowing that he saved the world.