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Writers' Showcase

Composting and Decomposting
by Jerry Robbins

I thought some idea to impart 
But before I could get a start
My eye would not keep its place 
But promptly fell off my face

Maybe a cup of coffee would glue 
The parts that want to say adieu 
But when I went to get a drink
My foot fell off my leg, aplink

I sat down delicately on my duff
Before something else fell off
I did not figure thus
That I would so soon combust

I leaned hard upon the desk
Which forced my elbow to wrest 
Itself from my torso top 
Which promptly joined my foot, aplop

I took pen in hand to write
But worse then became my plight
As fingers on my one good hand
Rudely away took flight

I rested my head on 
What was left of my hand
And was about to stand
When foot two went awry
Pondering, I did not know why

At least I have my ears, thought I 
And reaching up to check them out
I landed a loosening blow 
Upon my now endangered snout

Which forsooth forsook my face
Leaving a  blank where my smeller sat
A hole big enough to house a cat 
(Don't even try to picture that!)

Not giving up to decay
I decided to have a share 
With my Creator up high, O Vey
Who is supposed to care, they say

But promptly kneeling down to pray
My left leg abruptly gave away
Leaving me awkwardly tottering
Even as I was quietly muttering

"Lord, I am quite dismayed 
But I'm not looking for any trouble
I cannot throw a respectful punch at You
With this boney pile of rubble."

A long pause ensued
No lightning bolts from on high
I studied the ground beneath
What will God now bequeath?

And as I was trying to hold that thought
My mind became more wrought
As moving slowly toward dread
All Its synapses it did shed

But I am none the worse for this
For while my brain has gone amiss
I would raise my arm the future to foretell
But, alas, that has fallen off, as well.