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Writers' Showcase

Best Picture
by Alex Andy Phuong

There is the classic saying that, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”That was on the mind of Emma after learning that Moonlight won the “Best Picture” at the Academy Awards on Sunday night after the epic La La Land snafu. She thought it was funny that her first name is the same as Emma Stone’s even though she is just a college student majoring in Film Studies. She absolutely adored cinema ever since the first time she saw Mary Poppins a very young age because she felt transported to new worlds filled with enchantment whenever she watches a motion picture. On Monday, though, her perspective on reality changed forever. She was in her Argumentation and Debate class when her professor delivered a lecture on “The Greatest Movie of All Time.”The professor discussed classic and contemporary films ranging from Gone with the Wind to Titanic, but only promised the class that he would say what film really is the greatest one of all time. After lecturing for a whole hour, the professor said, “The debate about the greatest movie of all time is one of the most pointless debates ever because a movie is just a movie!” After hearing that revelation, Emma felt shaken to her core. She realized that her love affair with cinema that began after watching Mary Poppins was a waste of countless hours of her life. From that moment on, she promised herself to strive to create art through writing and other visual mediums (like painting and sculpture) instead of worrying about celebrities. She also realized that just because a film receives the “Best Picture” Academy Award does not make it special. Therefore, she took the lessons that she learned from Emma Stone’s Oscar-winning performance as Mia, and vowed to create art for the sake of creativity. Why worry about famous people when she could create beauty through her talent and imagination? Emma promised to never stop believing in the power of creating. Here’s to the fools who dream!