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Any Mission Is Possible
by Igor Kluev

Movie "Rambo." Sylvester Stallone easily held a huge machine gun in his hands. He fired one-hundred rounds per minute, each bullet hitting the target.

I’m a retiree. Two weeks ago I recalled this move as having been energetic and brave. I wanted to be that way too. While sitting in a doctor's office, I saw an attractive woman seated in a chair by the window.

She looked somewhat younger than me and was already in a waiting room when I came in. Did she come here to visit a cardiologist, like me? Or, was it the orthopedist, as this was the waiting room for two doctors?

If she was there to visit the cardiologist, we would have more in common and I could easily start a conversation with her. I would say, "Hi! You look nice. How was your blood pressure this morning?"

And she would answer, "It was good. My doctor prescribed a very effective medicine. What about you? What pills are you taking?"

I would ask her to have lunch with me. We would go out to a restaurant. We would have one or two glasses of red wine. Should it be one or two? I need to ask my cardiologist. I'd take her to a hotel. I hope she wouldn't expect me to be like the energetic Rambo firing bullets, round after round.

However, maybe she was there to visit an orthopedist? Well, I couldn't see any crutches near her. That was a relief. But, after her visit, the doctor could prescribe them. Would that be so bad? If she was not able to walk on the boardwalk or line dance, that would be all the better for me. I hate those activities. Instead we would drive, not walk to a restaurant and would partake of one or two glasses of red wine. Should it be two or one? I need to ask my cardiologist."

Suddenly the door to the cardiologist's office opened. A man, approximately my age, walked out and headed towards the lovely lady.

"Dear, I'm sorry to keep you waiting so long, but I have great news. The doctor said that my heart has improved tremendously. He is allowing me to go out to a restaurant and drink some wine. He said two glasses tops.”

The attractive woman stood up quickly and moved towards him smiling. She kissed him lightly on the cheek. It was obvious she didn't need the attention of a cardiologist or an orthopedist. They both left, hand in hand.

A nurse emerged from the open door of the cardiologist's office and looked directly at me, inviting me in. But, I didn't have any questions left to ask.

After a quick blood pressure check-up, the doctor said I needed to spend the next several days in bed with no wine or alcohol.

I spent several days in bed and when I felt better went to the library and took out the movie "Mission Impossible." Any mission is possible!