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An Old Spinster Spots A UFO
by Sobia Ali

And  that in an old village of a very, very old country. Her house was  the last in the row, and beyond it stretched out fields after fields of wheat and linseed. In the golden sunlight of the summer afternoon  the squared and quartered fields shimmered. 

The sky was ablaze with a light that the spinster, taking  the clothes off the line on the roof, was compelled to look up. It was then that she spotted it, the UFO. It was low overhead, a little  to her right, a small ping-pong ball bouncing  towards the southeast. She did not think twice.

She ran down the stairs  and out on the road, following it with her eyes. The UFO was not fast, and jumping and hurdling, she just made  it to keep it in her sight. After miles after miles of fields she was  exhausted when she saw it coming down. She viewed breathlessly as it landed a little distance off. 

It  was built like a small, round  car with glass windows on either side. The spinster ran up to it and peered inside. There was an alien, tangled in a lot of tubes and wires. 'Hi,' she tapped on the door to get  its attention. The alien looked up, waved back, and  bent down to inspect something in front of him. 

The spinster was sweating out profusely and  tapped again. She gestured to him to open the door so that she could get in. The alien looked annoyed, but unlocked the door all the same. The spinster entered the  UFO, and found that it was air-conditioned. The  cold air made her feel better instantly.

Now she turned all her attention  to him. His skin was Technicolor, and she suddenly wanted to touch it. But she restrained herself and observed that he was deep in  thought. 

‘Something  went off in  the machinery,’ he  spoke in a metallic voice. The spinster was not in the least surprised that he spoke in her language—a  very old language. 

‘It will fix  itself’, she said and laughed. It was now that the alien looked intently at her spidery, lined face. 

They looked into each other’s eyes. His glance softened.

‘Did  you have to wait much?’ he  asked.

‘Not  much. I  could have waited an eternity for you.’, She smiled and looked out at the golden fields.