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Writers' Showcase

A Natural Beauty
by John Yelavich

The sheer grandeur
of her natural beauty
beckons all who cast
their idolatrous eyes
upon her lavishly 
appealing features.

Graced with a scent,
mindful of the freshest
fragrant wild flowers,
I become stimulated
and easily aroused
in her showy presence.

Her curvaceous outline
is tantalizing and inviting;
breathtaking to behold.
Her protruding mounds,
large and firm
leave me gasping,
as I seek
to embrace their majesty.

As I explore
her precious canyon,
I’m greeted
by thick red-hot,
rich vegetation,
concealing and shielding
her sweet divide.

Welling up inside
this tepid cavern,
a warm burst
of fresh fluid
is about ready
to explode.
I wait in awe
for her steamy
witching ambrosia
to come to the surface. 

I relish the moment
and savor the splendor
of my trip to
Yellowstone National Park.