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Writers' Showcase

Acting In Hollywood
by Alex Andy Phuong

The man proposed to the woman.  He then asks the girl if she is like Estella from Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations.  He asks her that question because he empathizes with Pip, the main protagonist of that novel, and then the girl responds that she actually is playing Estella.  In fact, the entire conversation between these two people is actually a modernized remake of the 1998 film version of Great Expectations, which stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Ethan Hawke.  The entire opening scene of this movie is actually a work of meta-fiction that combines the irony that Dickens is famous for with the fact that the entire scene is a movie within a movie.

The director then yells, “Cut!”  The man tells the woman that she did an outstanding performance, and that she should win an Oscar.  The woman then replies, “Oh Ethan, I already won an Academy Award for Shakespeare in Love.”  It turns out that the woman in the opening scene of this film actually is Gwyneth Paltrow!  Paltrow then offers condolences on the fact that Ethan Hawke lost the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor to J.K. Simmons.  She tells him that Boyhood is brilliant, and that he was very lucky to have collaborated with Richard Linklater.

After the filming of the opening scene of a movie within a movie, Hawke returns to his dressing room, and removes the make-up that made him look like a darker-skinned version of Finn from the original 1998 film that he starred in.  He then leaves the room to discuss with the director about the recent #OscarsSoWhite controversy.  He compliments the director for giving him a chance to play a non-white character.  The director happily accepts that compliment, and then breaks the fourth wall by asking the film audience to celebrate diversity.  The director then asks Paltrow and Hawke to return to their original places, and then the film within the film resumes filming.