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A Crisis Involving a Daughter of Isis
by Alex Andy Phuong

During the late 1950s, Twentieth Century Fox decided to remake one of its earliest and most lavish silent films as a way to earn some quick cash.  Walter Wanger served as the producer, and cast Elizabeth Taylor as the titular role in Cleopatra, which eventually made it to theaters starting in the summer of 1963.

Within the actual movie, Cleopatra describes herself as the Egyptian goddess "Isis," and that millions of people worship her.

However, during the making of this scandalous film...

1. Elizabeth Taylor almost died from health complications.
2. Taylor and Richard Burton were stalked by the paparazzi.
3. Eddie Fisher suffered from public humiliation.

And when Elizabeth Taylor saw the finished film, she too felt embarrassed by being in such a ridiculous film made with an even weirder production that had happened behind-the-scenes, and then she ran to the nearest women's restroom to vomit.

Did millions of people really worship the Siren of the Nile?  Or was the bad press that this film received done out of "duh-nial"?

Let the moviegoers decide because they spent time and money at the box office during 1963.