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Writers' Showcase

Picture Perfect
by Jeremy Castiel

It's February 4, 1969, Sam is outside roller blading, roller blading in front of him is George. George is roller blading backwards, in front of Sam, taking pictures. Frank is a few hundred feet away, in the bushes, he has a camera too. Frank is taking pictures of both Sam and George. A mile up, in the sky, Seamus is co piloting a plane, with Henry. Seamus has a camera too, he's taking pictures of Frank.

A mile down, hidden in the swamps, is Spike. Spike has a camera with a zoom lens, and is taking pictures of Seamus. There is a train riding by on the tracks near Spike. In this train is Steve, Steve is taking pictures of Spike. Steve's train arrives at an airport, where Collin takes a picture of him before getting on a plane.

The plane flies over Indonesia, where a young Barack Obama sits in his home surrounded by tv screens. Barack looks intently at the seven different screens. Each one has the different pictures, of George, Sam, Frank, Seamus, Spike, Steve, and Collin, which were taken only minutes earlier.